VINCI – 20 KM FROM MONTECATINI TERME Vinci is famous for being the birthplace of Leonardo and those who visit it have the opportunity to learn more about him by stopping in t

UZZANO – 7 KM 7 FROM MONTECATINI TERME Uzzano, a municipality in the Valdinievole halfway between Pescia and Buggiano, despite being a small village, has numerous artistic te

SIENA – 100 KM FROM MONTECATINI TERME Siena boasts an immense artistic and cultural heritage, largely due to the flourishing of the Sienese school of painting between the 13t

PISA – 50 KM FROM MONTECATINI TERME The name Pisa dates back to the Etruscans, the meaning of which would be that of “foce”, i.e. the mouth of the river to the se

LUCCA – 30 KM FROM MONTECATINI TERME It is the only one among the city-states of Tuscany to have retained its independence until 1847. Unique testimony of the jealous care wi